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The Marvelous Douglas DC-3: A Plane to Behold

Maybe you have an interest in planes, especially planes of historic value? If so, then chances are, you have heard of the Douglas Dc-3 plane. The Douglas dc-3 is defined as a fixed wing, propeller driven airliner. And accordingly, it is an aircraft that has the main purpose of transporting mainly passengers, as well as cargo. One of the oldest airlines, the Douglas dc-3 is still in use today. The Douglas DC-3 remains one of the most significant transport aircraft ever made.

Along with its counterparts the Boeing 247 and Curtis T-32, the Douglas dc-3 revolutionized air transport in the 1930’s and 1940’s. The Douglas dc-3 however, completely overshadowed its competitors. The Douglas DC-3 is one of the few models that were considered sleek and are all metal airliners. Long after the Douglas dc-3’s counterparts were gone and left behind, the airliner still is in service after more than 80 years from its initial flight. Up to today, there are still an estimated few hundred Douglas dc-3s’s flying today.

The Douglas dc-3 was a more improved version of its predecessor the Douglas dc-2. The Douglas dc-3 is a fast aircraft, and with a good range at that, as well as being able to operate despite short runways. The Douglas dc-3 also provided great comfort for its passengers, and also was pretty easy to maintain. Another fact is that the Douglas dc-3 paved way for a lot of air travel routes. And by crossing the united states, the Douglas dc-3 enabled a lot of transcontinental and worldwide flights today. But most of all, the Douglas dc-3 was the first airliner to prove that you could make money simply by carrying passengers alone.

In popular culture, the Douglas dc-3 has also made an appearance. In one of its movie franchises, the popular fictional character James Bond supposedly piloted a Douglas dc-3 airliner. The fictional character/ explorer Indiana Jones also hopped on one. And in today’s TV culture, the Douglas dc-3 has also starred in a reality show.

The Douglas dc-3 with its first flight dating back to December 17th of 1935, still finds great use in various and differing specialized roles. Most third world military forces still see the daily use of the Douglas dc-3 to commercially transport passengers as well as cargos, and also use the plane in particularly bushy areas of the back country. This is because the Douglas dc-3 has inexpensive operating costs, and is able to perform even in rough fields. Despite these features, the Douglas dc-3 is able to operate requiring little maintenance.

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